Our Friends and Neighbors

Are you planning a trip to Greenville, Maine?

Here is a list of some other local businesses and points of interest to help you plan your adventure!

Places to Eat:

Jamos Pizza, Dockside, Kelly's Landing, Stress Free, Trailside Lounge, The Farm, Woody's, Leisure Life, Cafe Crape, Blair Hill, Dairy Bar, 368 Maine, Boja's Bungalow, and The Moosehead Deli.

Places to Stay:

Chalet Moosehead, Kineo View, Moose Mountain, Dockside, Leasure Life, Blair Hill, Greenville Inn, AMC, The Lodge, and a beautiful selection of short-term rentals!

Small Businesses:

Northern Maine Minerals, Crazy Moose Fabrics, Kamp Kamp, Northwoods, Mud Puddle, The Corner Shop, Indian Hill, Glacier Wear, Destination Moosehead